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How to do Laundry on the Road

Ah, laundry. Probably the last thing you want to do while traveling! But there is a great reason to bust out the suds while...

The Trip That Changed the Way I Pack

There comes a very important moment in every traveler's life where they realize that they packed WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. This is an important...

Trtl Neck Pillow Review

I am not a fan of sleeping on planes. Or in public. But sometimes, one has to do these things to retain one's sanity...

Horizon Hound Down Travel/Camping Blanket Review

Once upon a time, I discovered ultralight camping down blankets made by a company called Rumpl and thought they were a genius idea. They...

12 Hacks for Traveling Light

When you're traveling, aside from diseases, injury, and losing your passport, there is nothing worse than having too much stuff. I've been there, and...