Indispensable Travel Items For the Reader


I love to read. It’s one of my favorite hobbies that isn’t some kind of physical activity. I love getting lost in a book, and it’s no different when I’m traveling.

Don't leave these items at home if you are an avid reader!

We have all probably learned at some point that bringing paper books traveling sucks. You can usually only bring one and it’s heavy and then what do you do with it after you’re done? Thank goodness Kindles exist! A Kindle is the avid reader’s most indispensable travel item. If you don’t have one, they are worth every penny (especially paying extra to get the ad-free kind). You can customize them with an awesome case so they stand up on their own (great for trains!), or make them look like a real book, or have glitter sparkles, or nearly anything. What an age we live in! There are magic books!

Borrow some books!

Indispensable items for the traveler that loves to read!

If you’re like me and don’t want to spend $9+ for every new book you read, there is a solution: your library! Nearly all libraries now offer a vast selection of borrowable Kindle books! There are often hold times, but don’t let that deter you – I’ve been in some massive hold lines and most are still available within two weeks (plan ahead). Once you check out the book (on your laptop or phone) choose the Kindle format to be taken to your Amazon account where you can borrow the book and choose where to send it. And there are no overdue fees! The book just gets sent back when your borrowing period ends! Books forever!

Mmm hammock reading

For looking out the window

What do you do though, on those long bus/train/boat/plane rides, when you don’t want to miss the scenery, but maybe you want a little bit of entertainment in the form of a good book? If you look at your book, maybe you get carsick, or you miss the scenery. What do do?

Enter the world of audiobooks and a good pair of headphones. The headphone piece is important – you want some that block out as much bus/boat/train noise as possible, so you don’t have to listen to Tim Curry mispronounce granite in Journey to the Center of the Earth on full volume. If you can spring for it, noise canceling headphones are excellent at drowning out vehicle noise.

For the books, if you sign up for a free trial with Audible (now owned by Amazon), you will get one free book to keep! Even if you cancel your trial.

If you don’t want to go this route, your library most likely also has downloadable audiobooks as well! Most libraries use an app called OverDrive. Once you have the book checked out, you sign into your library on the OverDrive app, go to my holds, and click download. Annoyingly, this app doesn’t download the books very well when it runs in the background on your phone, so you’ll have to keep the app open while you download the book. It usually doesn’t take very long.

And there you have it! Books to go! You could be anywhere in the world – a bus, a cafe, flying over Greenland, and you’ll always have a book to curl up with!

Don't leave these items at home if you are an avid reader!

Featured image credit: Jonathan Grado / Flickr


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