Indispensable Travel Item: The Water Bottle

Save money and stay pretty with a resusable water bottle!
Indispensable Travel Item: The Water Bottle

I’m going to start this one off with a disclaimer: I love water bottles. Ever since the 1 liter colorful Nalgene bottles came out while I was in high school (rest in peace, my BPA-laden pretties!), I’ve basically carried a water bottle with me at all times. I’ve been through many of them to try to find the perfect one, because there is nothing quite so lovely as a nice drink of tasty water when you need it.

Therefore, the possibility of not bringing a water bottle traveling with me is abhorrent. In case you aren’t a convert yet,

Here’s why water reusable bottles are awesome:

  • They save plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean

    Save money and stay pretty with a resusable water bottle!
    It even looks nice in nature!
  • You can fill them nearly anywhere (restaurants, fountains, gas stations, airports, etc.) for free
  • They are way prettier than plastic bottles
  • Carrying them around encourages other people to do so, thus reducing the amount of plastic bottles we all use
  • They can be made of glass, metal, or silicone and not leach anything into your water. With the exception of silicone (make sure it’s 100% silicone), they leave no taste in the water
  • If you carry it around, you will remember to hydrate more
  • With these materials, you can also fill them with hot water for tea!
  • They have other random uses: rolling out sore muscles, use as a rolling pin, fill with hot water and use as a foot warmer in a sleeping bag, for use in defending against rogue animals, etc.


Why bring one traveling?

In addition to the reasons listed above, they will also save you money! Plastic bottled water is expensive!

Additionally, having a source of water while you’re traveling will help combat nasties like traveler’s diarrhea and jetlag and keep you exploring longer!


But what about the liquids rule at the airport?

Before you get to security, either consume the water or dump it on a plant. On the other side, locate the nearest water fountain. Many of them now have water bottle filling stations with a counter that show you how many bottles you’ve saved!


Aren’t they heavy?

Well of course they are – so is water. Nothing you can’t handle though.


What about water safety concerns in other countries?

Do your research first, and if you need a filter, the easiest, most zero waste way to filter your water is to bring a USB rechargeable Steripen. It works via a UV light that sanitizes the water inside your bottle. It’s the same technology that hospitals use and I’ve never had any issues with it. You can also use it for camping!


Okay, you water bottle weirdo, which bottles do you use? Save money and stay pretty with a reusable water bottle!

So glad you asked! I love love love Klean Kanteen! The bottles are made of responsibly sourced stainless steel, and come in a ton of different sizes and styles. They even have different lids – sport lids, sipping lids, and loop lids! I personally have two 27 oz bottles – one steel Reflect bottle and one beautiful turquoise one I found at Goodwill in perfect shape for $3. I also have a 16 oz insulated bottle that I use for smoothies, other iced things, and coffee. If you drink a ton of water or plan to get beer at a brewery while traveling, their insulated growlers are amazing! The bail-top lid holds on to carbonation for almost a week!

If I was to go the silicone route, I would go for the silicone Nomader bottle, as it squishes really small, which is great for travel when you aren’t using it.

For glass, it’s easiest to just get a free one – purchase a bottle of kombucha or another kind of juice at your local grocery store. The GT Dave’s 16 oz kombucha bottles are great, as are any of the Voss bottles.


Happy trekking with your bottle!

Save money and stay pretty with a reusable water bottle!



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