Indispensable Item: Reusable 3-1-1 Bag


If you travel frequently, you’re already probably familiar with the somewhat infamous 311 bag. It’s usually a Ziploc or clear quart-sized bag where you place your 3 oz liquids, plop it onto the conveyor belt to go through the scanner, and hope that you remembered to put all your liquids in it (does toothpaste count? Yes, yes it does. So does peanut butter.).

Eventually, said Ziploc bag gets lost or ripped or meets some other tragic end. If only there was a stronger version that could be used over and over to save those poor bags from ending up in the Pacific Garbage Patch!

But wait, there is – it’s the reusable 311 bag!

It’s basically the exact same bag as a Ziploc, but better because it has a loop for a carabiner clip so you can hang dry it (or attach it to your shower). Use, wash, reuse, and never have to hunt for a plastic bag in a foreign destination again!

Bonus: if you use this as your main toiletries bag, the small size limits what you can carry so you don’t bring too much stuff!


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