Indispensable Item: Packable Day Pack

For day outtings while you travel, you can't beat having a packable day pack!

You’ve made it to your destination. You’re settled into your For day outings while you travel, you can't beat having a packable day pack!hostel/hotel/Airbnb and now it’s time to explore. But wait – what are you going to pack your day to day stuff in, like a water bottle, sunglasses, maybe an extra layer? If you’re in the city, a purse or tote bag may suffice, but if you are hiking, you’ll want a backpack.

Enter the packable day pack – arguably the best travel invention since packing cubes. A packable day pack is light, often water resistant, and should hold about 10 – 20 liters of stuff. When it’s packed it fits in your palm, meaning that if you don’t need it, it takes up very little space in your travel bag!


What can the bag be used for?

  • Hiking: If you’re planning a hike in your travels, this bag is indispensable. If you’re not planning a hike but, one might occur (you never know while traveling!), this bag is great. Bring it along For day outings while you travel, you can't beat having a packable day pack!(stuffed) in your pocket or day bag.
  • Groceries: If you need to get groceries, a packable day pack is a must have. It also more evenly distributes the weight of the groceries than a tote bag.
  • Laundry: If you just need a bag for something temporarily – like to shove dirty laundry in – a packable day pack is great!
  • Dry bag: If you get a roll-top waterproof version, you can bring it on boating events and not worry about getting your stuff inside wet.
  • Wet swimsuit storage: Similarly, you can also use it to store a wet swimsuit in a pinch until you get back to your hotel. 
  • Honestly, this type of bag is so useful then when I neglected to bring one and had to buy one in Norway for $50 (everything in Norway is super expensive!), it was worth it, even at that price.


What styles are there?

The waterproof 22 liter

This is the type I have. It has a roll-top closure that you roll three times before buckling to keep the water out. This one has bungees on the outside to attach random things like sunglasses.


The Classic 20 liter 

This one is very loved by many travelers and is a classic for a reason. It even packs into a bag that’s attached to the bag so you can’t lose it! It comes in five primary colors.


The very extensive, bells and whistles hiking backpack

It comes in a ton of colors and is packed with features! Or, if you want a slightly different style and 40 (!) liters of room, here is another.


This tourist bag that converts to a fanny pack

I love the pattern and colors on this one!


The 11 liter classic


15 liter fancy with zipper lock option


This is by far one of the best and most useful travel items I own. I even use it while I’m not traveling for light hiking!


Happy trekking!

For day outings while you travel, you can't beat having a packable day pack!


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