How to Keep Your Plants Alive When You Travel

How to Keep Your Plants Alive When You Travel

I love plants. I grew up with many plants, and once I stopped moving around every three months, I was like hey, I can buy plants! That’s an adult thing I can do! Woohoo!


I also love traveling. What to do? Why, find a solution, of course!

Now, I should say, this is a short-term solution for trips up to two weeks. Maybe three. It is not a solution for a three-month, let’s gallivant around Europe with the pup trip. I had to sell my plants for that one.

Yes, you can keep all your plants alive and happy while you’re gone and even come home to new growth!


First: The Heavy Drinkers

Plant watering stakes for the win!

Get yourself some terra cotta plant watering stakes. They are basically sheaths for a wine bottle. You get them wet, stick them in the soil, soak the soil, fill up the wine bottle, and upend it in the stake. Easy peasy and your plant will be watered up to three weeks, depending on the season and your plant’s needs. As the plant gets thirsty, the roots will suck at the soil and will slowly suck the water out of the bottle. It’s basically one of those hamster water bottles, but for plants. The best part is that if you use them when you’re at home, you can watch the plants drink! It’ll gurgle every so often as the plant drinks. 😀

These are good for big plants that you don’t want to move and that need a lot of sunlight.

My plant examples: Monstera, Midnight Ginger, Elephant Ear, Blue Medusa Rush (pictured)


Second: Low-light Medium Drinkers

It’s all better when we’re together

For your medium-needy drinkers, right before you go, put them all in the bathub in a room with a window (leave the bath curtain open). Give them a nice drink and leave a container of water in the tub. Clustered together (and with the container of water), they will create a little humid zone, keeping them all wetter than if they were apart.

The diffused light (from the privacy glass) of the window will give them some light, but less than they normally get, so they won’t get as dried out.

This option is good for medium to low-light plants, i.e. those that normally sit in rooms with east or north-facing windows.

My plant examples: Parlor Palm, Monstera adansonii, Purple Oxalis, Arrowhead Plant, Tricolor Dracena, Snake Plant, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Golden Pothos, Wandering Jew, Ginger Plant


Third: Succulents

For plants like succulents that love sun and don’t need much water, just give them a good long drink. They’ll be fine!



Humidity bowls for the Elephant Ear

For those finicky plants that like humidity, they won’t die without it, but it’s nice to give them something. I do this by putting a few bowls of water around the base of these plants so it evaporates up into the leaves. If they need anything more, you’ll have to look into an automated system. Which is likely expensive.





Outdoor Garden

Veggie garden with soaker hose

These guys are gonna get blasted during the summer.

Because I am lazy, I already had a soaker hose + hose timer set up in my vegetable garden. And it’s awesome. Just make sure to check the battery level on the hose timer before you leave!







And that’s it! Make sure to test your systems a week or two before your trip to make sure everything works okay and you can travel free of worries. Mine even gave me some new growth!





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