Horizon Hound Down Travel/Camping Blanket Review

Need an ultralight packable down blanket for travel and summer camping? This is just the ticket!

Once upon a time, I discovered ultralight camping down blankets made by a company called Rumpl and thought they were a genius idea. They could replace my too-warm sleeping bag in the summer, keep me warm during chilly nights, and be taken on ultralight travel and backpacking trips. There was just one problem: the down versions started at $160. Ouch.

No matter how great the idea, I just couldn’t justify spending that much money. So I did some research (as I am wont to do) to see if I could find some other options, especially since we had a trip coming up where I wanted to do some ultralight camping. I came upon the Horizon Hound Down Blanket on Amazon and it’s been an amazing addition to our travel/camping gear. And guess what? It’s nearly the exact same blanket as the Rumpl 1 person, but it’s $61. Score!

If you’re unfamiliar with these blankets, they are feather-light (haha!) but super warm, packed with fluffy down, made of light but tough ripstop nylon (like a nice packable down jacket!), and can be stuffed inside a sack about as long as your forearm and as thick as a loaf of bread. Super light, super warm, super packable! Below is my review of this packable down blanket.

Size and weight

The packed weight of this blanket is 1.1 lb (490 g) and packs in its sack to 12.0″ x 5.0″ (30cm x 12.5cm). As a blanket, its size is close to that of a comforter for a queen bed – the blanket is 80.0″ x 54.0″ (200cm x 137cm) and a queen comforter is 80″ x 60 “. If you’re 6 ft tall, that’s 72”, so this blanket will cover you no problem. For two people, it could ideally be a couple more inches wider like a queen blanket, but if you like snuggling a bit, it works just fine!

Need an ultralight packable down blanket for travel and summer camping? This is just the ticket!
Arm for packed size reference; buttons and hooks; the blanket turns into a cape with your head going through the top!

Materials and doo-dads

It’s constructed of a lightweight ripstop waterproof nylon and has fun little features like small handles for hanging and the ability to button the top around you like a cape. The down is 650 fill power with 80% down and 20% feathers.

Travel and camping uses

  1. Ultralight camping +/- traveling: I got this blanket primarily to be used during the summer for camping in lieu of a sleeping bag, with its first use as our sleeping blanket while camping in Shetland (see pic!). It performed this admirably and kept us warm down to about 50 degrees F.*

    Need an ultralight packable down blanket for travel and summer camping? This is just the ticket!
    Here you can see it in the tent
  2. For use as your blanket in casual sleeping situations: Say you want to save some money at your destination, and opt to rent a large car, park it in the woods somewhere, and sleep in it in lieu of renting a hotel. For temps above 50 degrees F, this would be a great go-to sleeping blanket.
  3. Hammocking: I plan to use this for naps in my hammock and it would be perfect as a sleeping blanket in a hotter country too.
  4. Trekking: While in Thailand and Malaysia I had the opportunity to go overnight trekking, which involved sleeping in caves. I had no sleeping bag, but this would have been perfect.
  5. Hostels/walking El Camino/fire lookout stays/general dorm situations: if you need a lightweight but warm blanket, this is just the ticket.
  6. Sitting around the campfire/being cold: oh yeah. Where has this been all my life?
  7. Van life: This blanket is a great choice for sleeping and traveling in a van!
  8. Plane blanket: If you get really cold on the plane, this blanket easily packs in a carry-on and can be taken out for your trip to slumber land.

*A word of warning: If you’re not familiar with down, it loses nearly all its insulating properties when wet. So if it’s raining, make sure to keep it dry in your bag or tent!

The verdict

We lovvveeeee this blanket. While it’s not traveling or camping, this blanket makes for some excellent couch naps. You can find it (also in forest green) here.

Need an ultralight packable down blanket for travel and summer camping? This is just the ticket!


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    I am Anna from Horizon Hound firstly I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU !! for the blog you did on our blankets. As we are a new company this means a lot to us.
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