5 Essentials for Sleeping on an Airplane


Sleeping on an airplane sucks. It’s loud, and you can’t stretch out horizontally (unless you’re lucky enough to be in first class!). If you have an overnight flight and are a light sleeper, there is some good news: you can recreate all of the comforts of your bedroom with a few helpful accessories. If none of these work, lots of overnight flights offer unlimited movies. 🙂

1. Sleeping mask

Get some shut eye…by shutting your eyes and blocking out all light. Add a soft, silky sleeping mask to your eyes and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. It’s like a blanket for your eyes. Go full coverage and silky smooth by grabbing an Alaska Bear silk eye mask. It’s the only thing that allowed me to sleep during those days of no darkness above the Arctic Circle!

2. Earplugs

Let’s face it – planes are loud. Stimulate your quiet, peaceful bedroom at home with some seriously comfortable ear plugs.

3. Blanket

On long, overnight flights, they will give you a blanket. However, it is most often wrapped in plastic to “ensure freshness” or something (debatable). If you’re wanting to cut down on the trash produced on the plane, bring your own blanket.

The best way to do this is to bring a blanket scarf, as it’s already attached to you and thus takes up no extra room in your suitcase.

Or you can bring along your own cozy travel blanket and use it on the plane or if you need to sleep in an airport. Many of these pack down pretty small – about the size of a water bottle. If you’re looking for something a bit warmer, look for a down blanket.

4. Neck pillow

Crinks in your neck begone! If you aren’t sitting next to the window, or you just want something comfy to support your neck, bring along a lightweight neck pillow. This one by Trtl is genius – it takes up no room, does not inflate, and yet supports your neck better than most pillows.

5. Something to knock you out

If you’re like me and can get as comfy as can be but still can’t sleep, bring along something that you know will help. This could take the form of:

Valerian and Melatonin

Serious natural sleep aids.

Calm app

You can set this app to play soothing music (don’t forget your noise canceling headphones!) or read you a bedtime story. Seriously. That stuff works wonders on me.

Have a great snooze!

Can't fall asleep? Read on to find out about a few things that will help!

Featured image credit: Dana K / Flickr


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